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There are many great tools to facilitate the customization and configuration of your Dynamics 365 solution.

Our Top 10 helpful tools include:

1. The XRM Tool Box – Customization and much more

The XrmToolBox is a Windows application that connects to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, providing tools to ease customization and configuration tasks. It is shipped with more than 30 plugins to make administration, customization or configuration tasks easier and less time consuming.

Besides the 30 plugins that ship with the XrmToolBox, it is also highly extensible. Anyone can create and share their own XrmToolBox plugins, just by implementing a single interface and best of all its free.


2. Scribe Insight – Data migration, integration and transformation

Scribe Insight offers a streamlined approach to data integration for IT pros, business analysts, and systems integrators who prefer an on-premise solution.

Connect front office and back office business applications using our tried-and-true on-premise platform. With ready-to-go connectors that adapt to software updates, a simple graphical interface for code-free customization, and management tools that keep things working smoothly on your day off, developing and managing integrations just got a lot simpler. Contact us to download a free trial.


3. Ribbon Workbench

The Ribbon Workbench has been the standard for editing the Dynamics CRM Ribbon since version 2011. With the release of the new non-Silverlight version, customizing the Dynamics 365 & Dynamics CRM Command Bar and Ribbon has just got even easier!

By installing the Ribbon Workbench you’ll quickly be performing customisations that were previously only possible by time consuming and error-prone manual editing of RibbonDiff Xml.


4. Dynamics 365 User Settings Tool

The user settings tool is a tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011/2013/2015 (CRM Online & 365) that helps admins update user personal settings in bulk. Bulk settings include the following areas, General, Activity, Email, Privacy & Languages.



5. Resco Mobile

The all-in-one sales & field service mobile CRM solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Close deals & cases faster, increase sales quotas and reduce life cycles.